The Personal Chef Services Culinary Comfort offers are as follows:

I conduct a CLIENT ASSESSMENT to determine what and how my client wishes to eat and to identify any food sensitivities or allergies. I also determine whether there are specific medical parameters or conditions, which need specific attention.

I then develop SUGGESTED MENUS within the guidelines of the interview and present them for client approval, prior to selecting a confirmed cook date. 

I will GROCERY SHOP for all necessary ingredients and bring those supplies, along with my own kitchen equipment, to my clients home to prepare selected entrees.

I will PREPARE the desired number of entrees and side dishes, where appropriate, for my package those entrees to serve the individual needs of my client (single servings, servings for 2, or family style). I will label all entrees and leave specific handling and heating instructions for each entree so the entrees may be enjoyed at their best. 

I will CLEAN THE KITCHEN, then pack my kitchen equipment and leave my client's home so that the only evidence of my having been there is the smell of good home cooked food in the air.

I will charge my client the appropriate fee for the requested number of entrees, and for all of the above services plus the cost of food. 

If you like, I will design and shop for a personalized container configuration based on your preferences that you will own. 


$250-$300 + Cost of Food per Cook Date

Containers: $60-$100 one-time fee for Corning, Pyrex, etc.

$15-$20 each cook date for disposable

For Additional Fee, Upon Request:

desserts, extra side dishes (per serving), breads, salsa, etc. 

​​Personal Chef Service also make unique gifts for...

  • New moms & dads
  • Newlyweds
  • House warming
  • A sick friend
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays


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